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CDE Services Announces Acquisition Led by Milestone Partners

Age-Verification Solution TruAge to be Deployed by CDE Services, Inc., Expanding Access to Convenience Stores Nationwide

Payment Solutions Provider CDE Expands Presence with New Office, Staff

Bluefin and CDE Partner to Provide Secure Payment Services to Essential Businesses Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

Introducing CDE Wireless

Government Money, Where Does It Go and How Might It Affect Your Business?

B2B Payments: Three Trends to Watch

Money Laundering in Payments: What You Need to Know

Deepen Merchant Relationships with POS Tools

3 Payment Innovations: Hits and Misses

Real Time Payments: A Fresh Angle for Fraud

Checks: An Old Payment Form With New Profit

Managing Risk in IoT: 4 Key Approaches

4 Ways Retailers Can Profit with IoT

4 Payment Innovation Killers

QSRs and Ecommerce: 5 Ways to Profit

Don't Overlook These 5 POS Features Merchants Need

Mobile Merchants: Your Next Big Market

Is Retail Really Dying?

Unattended Payments: 3 Fraud Risks for Your Retailers

POS Needs for Large-Scale Events: Help Your Customers Hit the Ground Running

3 Top Verticals and What They Want in POS

Combat Complexity in New Merchant Provisioning

Mobile Payments: Is the Dongle Going Away?

GDPR: Why It Matters for US Merchants

Payment Security: Cutting Through the Terms

New Product Launch? Cover Your Bases With These 7 Steps

Keep Merchants Engaged to Cut Churn

CDE's Commitment to Evolution and Scalable Solutions

New Payment Opportunities for Your Merchants

What Your Merchants Need to Know About Bitcoin

PIN on Glass: What's the Big Deal?

"We Don't Do That:" 7 Non-Payments Partnerships to Consider

Want to Know What Your Merchants Want? Ask Them!

Humans Vs. Chatbots: Don't Neglect Your Call Center

The Value of Real Time Technology to the POS

Keep Merchants Informed About Payment Security

Get Your Merchants Ready for April 2018: a Month of Changes

The End of Chip and Signature: What's Next?

Noticing Patterns: 3 Ways Breaches Happen

5 Items You Should Be Putting in EVERY POS Shipment

3 Ways POS Innovations Improve the Consumer Experience

Must Read Publications of the Payments Industry

Cut Merchant Churn With Marketing Services

Repair for the Future: Equipment That Knows When Something's Wrong

Don't Ignore Your POS Accessory Options

Resale, Recycling, or Disposal: Options for Obsolete Equipment

Keep Broken Equipment From Becoming a Merchant Services Disaster

Are Mobile Payments a Threat to POS Business?

Micro Merchants: How They're Changing the Payments Industry

Merchant Suppport: Plan Now for the Future

Merchant Support Helps Drive Business Growth

3 Payment Trends to Watch in 2018

4 Ways Your Call Center Boosts Merchant Retention

Your Call Center Should Be Aware of Payment Security

4 Ways to Make Merchant Onboarding Painless

Navigate Updates Without Driving Your Merchants Crazy

Don't Stop at a Great POS System

8 Tips for Managing Your Merchants' POS Hardware Needs

CDE's First in Class Call Center is Open

4 Ways POS Choices Build Merchant Retention

Merchants Want Control at the Point of Sale

6 Ways Remote Access Makes POS Management a Breeze

5 Most Important Characteristics of a QSR POS

Secure Hardware Storage: Why It Matters for Your Merchants

7 Keys to Choosing POS Tablets

5 Best Ways to Foster Innovation at Your Company

POS Provisioning: 6 Things Retailers Want

Taylor Stands Makes ADA Compliance Easier

Preparing Your Merchants for the TLS Switch

Payments Industry Embraces Diversity, Innovation Comes With It

7 Ways Small Merchants Can Fight Online Fraud

Best Ways to Help Small Merchants Fight Fraud

Blockchain: the Key to Faster, Safer Payments

3 Reasons Checkout Buttons Build Conversions

Digital Wallets Build Radical Partnerships

Fintech is Changing the Way We Bank

3 Partnerships Revolutionizing Payments

Venmo Me: A Quick Guide to P2P

4 P2P Trends That Impact Merchant Payments

Consumers Embrace Biometrics Over Implants

mPOS is Changing Retail Forever

Gen Z is Impacting Payments Already

Hospitality Business Payments in the Wake of Major Breaches

Artificial Intelligence in the Payments Industry

Looking at Accessibility in the Payments Industry

The FinTech Effect on B2B Payments

Innovation Continues to Expedite Payments

Technology, Incentives Help Retail Stores Challenge eCommerce Shoppers

The Value of Prepaid Cards: An Overview

A Cashless Society? Not Yet.

Bitcoin: Where Do Payment Processors Stand?

Cyber Breaches in the First Half of 2017

Merchants Want to Understand Transaction Fees

Grow Your Business With Non-Traditional Merchants

Personality Matters: Attracting More Merchants

An Eye on Digital Wallets

CDE's New P2PE v.2 Validation

How Merchants Can Make the Most of Summer Spending

Marketing in the Payments Industry: The Basics

Packaging Trends That Win

Weighing the Risk of Alternative Payments

The ATM Evolution

Data Security at Universities

What Does IoT Mean for Your Retailers?

Everyone Pays for Data Breaches

5 Ways CDE Can Help You Make More Money

Spring Cleaning: Freshen Up Your POS

4 Scams That Bypass EMV Security

How Kiosks Are Changing Everything

EMV Switch: Are We there Yet?

Wearables: Fashion That Pays

5 Benefits of Having a Great Call Center

3 Reasons Restaurants Love Tablet POS Systems

The POS Has Gone Mobile

Biometrics: Payments for the Future

P2PE in the Health Care Industry

Small or Large Merchants: Can you do both?

Omnichannel is Here for Retailers of All Sizes

Avoid These 3 Traps with POS Tablet Marketing

Tax Time is Here: Are your merchants ready?

CDE Announces New Role as Key Injection Vendor for USAePay

What's Next?: Regulatory Influence on Transaction Technology

The Box Matters Too

Deepen Consumer Engagement With Tablet POS

Tablet Point-of-Sale: The Time is Now

Mobile Wallets and Loyalty: New Frontiers in Profit

Loyalty: Guide Your Merchants to the Right Solution

Loyalty: Developing an Effective Program

Unattended Retail: New Markets, New Opportunities

The Evolution of the POS

NFC: A New Way to Think About Payments

Contactless Payments: Look Globally, Plan Locally

The Generation That's Shaping Payments

Connected Culture: Managing Risk at the Point of Sale

NFC Payments: Challenges to Merchant Acceptance

NFC Payments: Challenges to Consumer Acceptance

NFC Payments Are Heating Up: Are Your Merchants Ready?

CDE Partners with Castles to Provide Contactless EMV Solutions

Emerging Payment Technologies: Are they worth it?

Securing Data & Devices From Start To Finish

How We've Changed With the Industry, Not Against It

One Partner, Plenty of Solutions

CDE Helped MUST Ministries

More Technology, More Work to Do

Make Your Merchant Your Best Asset

"Paying" Attention to Detail

CDE Stays Fit

CDE Goes "Lean"

Why Payment Security Should Come First

What is P2PE?

CDE Partners With Bluefin

Tips for Making the Switch

New Year, New POS

5 Reasons Your Business Will Benefit from EMV

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