Taylor Stands Makes ADA Compliance Easier

All businesses are required by law to be in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).  While most believe that maintaining this compliance is a simple task, many fail to realize that there are aspects of their business that they may be overlooking.  With so many details throughout a business to consider, it’s easy for business owners to overlook features that may limit accessibility.  One easily forgotten yet critical part of every business that must be accessible is the point of sale.  Now, Taylor Stands is providing a card terminal accessory that can easily help merchants avoid fine for not being in compliance.

No matter their line of business, merchants are required by law to ensure that every customer is able to complete transactions successfully and with the proper level of security.  This includes interacting with the credit card terminal at eye level and being able to enter pins and signatures without compromising their privacy.  Taylor Stands has addressed this requirement by creating an innovative card terminal stand with versatile technology that makes dismounting the terminal simple so that those in wheelchairs or with other disabilities can easily interact with the device.

Several companies have created terminal stands with dismounting arms and other accessibility features, and now Taylor Stands’ unique design is taking the consumers’ ease of access to another level.  Their signature “blue lever” allows the consumer to dismount the terminal from the base of the stand easily and put the device in their own hands.  The 355-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt also make it easy for a consumer at any level to view the terminal screen and pin pad easily and ensure their private information is protected.

The Taylor Stands ADA Blue-Lever stand makes maintaining compliance at the point of sale even easier with interchangeable terminal mounts.  Taylor Stands is developing partnerships with leading terminal manufacturers like Verifone, Ingenico, and Pax to offer stand mounts for the industry’s latest and most popular payment devices.  This means that POS solution providers have the ability to provide these Taylor Stands to merchants with a variety of credit card terminals.

For more information about Taylor Stands and where to find them, you can visit their website.


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