Deepen Merchant Relationships with POS Tools

With today’s POS systems, developers are competing for merchant dollars. Whoever can build the most bells and whistles into their tablet system can gain a real edge over the competition. This benefit holds true for merchants as well. By utilizing all the features built into their POS systems, merchants can take advantage of sophisticated front end and back of house business management tools to set their business apart from the shop down the street.

Integrated POS systems significantly level the field between small businesses and large corporations with deep pockets. However, many merchants never explore what their systems have to offer. Sure, it’s easy to carry on with business as usual and leave POS systems to handling payments. But merchants need to know that they are leaving profit on the table as well.

Integrated business software tools and apps can provide a real advantage to your merchants. Here are some important POS system features merchants should know in order to maximize efficiency.

Loyalty Programs

Consumers today are all about loyalty. In a world of endless options, there’s a backlash against mass-produced anonymity. Consumers want to do business where they are appreciated, and they want to get value for their money. Digital loyalty programs are a win for both of these objectives. It’s important to teach merchants how to use their loyalty options to roll out user-friendly and effective loyalty programs.

Labor Management

Managing employee work schedules and payroll functions is easy with tablet POS systems. There’s no need for a separate time clock; employees can simply clock in on the tablet. Real time hourly data can be exported to your merchant’s accounting software or payroll/scheduling service of choice. Using labor management features built into the POS cuts down on both hardware redundancy and wasted time. 

Inventory Management

Integrated POS systems are second to none for inventory management. Real time inventory levels, reporting and predictions are easy to produce. This level of control improves supply chain efficiency for your merchants, decreasing overhead and minimizing waste.

Your merchants’ POS systems may come loaded with every feature under the sun, but these tools are only profitable if merchants use them. During your onboarding process, make it a priority to teach merchants about the tools at their disposal. For existing merchants, it’s a good idea to touch base regularly to review the options they have available. This customer service investment can result in ongoing dividends in loyalty for your merchant relationships, as a deeply engaged merchant is more likely to remain committed to their payment service provider in the long run.

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