Omnichannel is Here for Retailers of All Sizes

Omnichannel is all the buzz in 2017.  But what does it mean for your retailers?

As a payment service provider, it’s crucial for you to understand this trend and be able to explain the benefits of implementation to your retailers. Omnichannel is much more than just setting up an online store to accompany a retail location. Omnichannel means providing a seamless customer experience across all channels. A true omnichannel experience blends the convenience and efficiency consumers expect online, with the personalized, hands-on touch of a brick and mortar location.

Omnichannel means that customers expect no barriers between online and retail shopping. Instead, versatility and convenience rule the day. The lines between online and retail shopping are blurring. Nowadays, it’s common to see customers browsing the aisles of a store while checking reviews of a product online. Smart retailers should capitalize on these changes, instead of resisting them.

So how can your retailers get on board? The great news is that omnichannel is now within reach for retailers of all sizes. Tablet-based POS systems provide retailers with a full suite of sophisticated business management and marketing tools that go far beyond the cash register. With customized white label products, even small retailers can provide their customers with a top shelf interactive experience.

Today’s white label POS products go far beyond a generic, one-size-fits-none software product. Instead, providers such as iMobile3 enable retailers to provide a true omnichannel experience for customers. For instance, customers may log in to a branded mobile app to check prices, availability and customer reviews, and place an order for home delivery or in-store pickup. For onsite customer visits, stores may use beacon technology to send welcome messages, promotions and discounts to the shopper’s phone.  At checkout, customers can view promotions on the POS tablet and redeem loyalty program points, which are linked to their mobile account. This interactive, immersive customer experience is available today through tablet technology.  

White label, tablet-based POS systems have truly leveled the playing field for innovation. Large retailers with deep pockets no longer have a strong advantage, as tablet POS systems provide the same level of data analytics and promotional tools, at a fraction of the price of legacy POS systems. In fact, smaller retailers, by nature of being more flexible and responsive, are often better positioned to implement omnichannel strategies than many traditional retailers.

Some retailers may be reluctant to adjust their business model to an omnichannel approach. Omnichannel certainly is a departure from “business as usual” retail, and we all know change can be difficult and intimidating. However, studies show that omnichannel is the approach that consumers prefer. Retailers that continue to succeed will be the ones who not only adapt to consumer preferences, but take advantage of the tools that tablet based POS systems provide to make their businesses more profitable. Encourage your retailers to evaluate their business goals and consider adopting strategies that will move them toward a true omnichannel experience.

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