3 Reasons Restaurants Love Tablet POS Systems

If anyone needs a cutting edge POS solution, it’s restaurants. In a fast paced, dynamic environment, restaurants need a system that helps streamline and coordinate the many channels they must keep balanced. Tablet based POS systems hit all the marks for efficiency, flexible design and profitability, making them a great choice for restaurants of all sizes.

Efficiency: Tablet-based systems use standard touch screen technology, which is intuitive for workers today. In a high-turnover labor setting, getting new employees up to speed as quickly as possible is key. With simple, clear screens and common-language prompts, servers can enter orders more quickly and accurately than with legacy systems. By providing employees with upsell prompts, tablet systems can increase ticket amounts.

Because payments can be processed at the tableside, table turn is maximized. There’s no longer a delay caused by running back and forth to a central terminal to handle credit cards and payment receipts. In addition, pay-at-table capability decreases the chance of credit card fraud, and the ensuing potential of restaurant liability.

Flexible Design: Customization is what really makes POS tablet systems stand out from the competition. A number of sophisticated white label POS platforms are available for tablet products. With these turnkey systems, restaurants of all sizes can integrate orders, inventory, labor scheduling, and on the consumer side, provide fully-featured digital loyalty programs. By integrating data and communication among all platforms, tablet based POS systems enable restaurant owners to maximize their data analytics.

Tablet systems span a wide range of designs, from mobile devices handled by a server, to self-pay tabletop kiosks. Chili’s restaurant chain provides an excellent example of tablet integration, offering tabletop tablets that integrate the coalition-loyalty program Plenti.

Profitability: Tablet POS systems increase profitability for restaurants and for their employees. Because tablet systems use common off-the-shelf devices and peripherals, they are inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Tablet systems have also been shown to increase tip amounts. By prompting consumers with pre-selected tip suggestions, studies show that tip amounts increase by an average of 39%.

Tablet POS systems represent a new era of POS processing, designed to cater to the merchant’s needs through customization and common-sense design. Tablet POS enables payment service providers to reach merchants where they are. Restaurants can enjoy a lean, mean streamlined service that integrates the features they need, presented in the way their staff can understand. With opportunities to integrate loyalty programs and digital promotions, tablet systems enhance the customer’s experience. And since happy customers are returning customers, tablet POS systems play an integral role in building a restaurant’s success.

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