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It's no secret that in today’s world, businesses and consumers are more mobile than ever before. With this evolution there has been increasing demand for more wireless payment devices and solutions. Providing an ideal mobile point of sale experience requires having reliable network connection that doesn’t cost a fortune. CDE makes it easy.  Now payment providers can leverage CDE’s new 4G Wireless Program to provide the 4G data plans your merchants need at competitive pricing.


With CDE’s 4G Wireless Program, POS providers not only have access to low rates for unlimited data plans with AT & T and Verizon, they can also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their wireless device deployments, merchant activations, and support are being handled by an industry leader in POS solution support.


Whether a POS provider is offering 4G Wireless data plans as the core source of mobile device connectivity, or just as a back-up network connection for landline based or ethernet connected merchants, the CDE 4G Wireless Program is ideal.  Through CDE, partners can purchase unlimited data plans with either AT & T or Verizon, and all the of following:

  • Merchant activation
  • Full device lifecycle support (including in-field)
  • Simple device and data plan ordering in the CDE partner portal
  • Easy to use device reporting on all CDE managed devices


The 4G Wireless Program from CDE is yet another step in the company’s path to continue offering solutions to payment service providers that not only help make their lives easier, but also improve the merchant experience.  With this new program, CDE partners can decrease the time between new merchant contract to the merchant’s first transaction, even with the industry’s most advanced POS devices.

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