5 Items You Should Be Putting in EVERY POS Shipment

After you sign a new merchant, your priority is getting their new POS package to them as quickly as possible.  However, you can’t forget what needs to happen once they receive this package.  Every POS solution provider should make sure that merchants are able to quickly get their equipment up and running, and that the experience is one they can appreciate.  Providers can better ensure both by paying some close attention to what is inside of the equipment package.  While companies should never overwhelm their merchants with too many pointless pieces of paper to distract away from the equipment, here are five specific items we feel are always necessary.


  1. Set Up Instructions

The goal is for merchants to start processing transactions as quickly as possible.  Make sure all new equipment shipments include an easy to follow set up guide so merchants can feel empowered to get their new investment out of the box and ready to use.

  1. Welcome Note/Letter

Even a simple thank you note from your company can make a huge difference in the merchant experience with a new POS.  Merchants want to feel good about their new investment, and an encouraging welcome from your company could increase loyalty and reviews.

  1. Important Contact Information

Questions are inevitable in every business.  Make sure your merchants have the contact information they need to have their questions answered easily.  Also, they should know who specifically to reach out to in specific situations.

  1. Quick Reference Materials

Especially when serving SMBs, supply merchants with easy to read and easy to use materials that they can access for common functions or troubleshooting.  Merchants don’t want to have to make a phone call or read through a lot of material every time they need to do something quickly so the more conveniently you can provide these quick guides, the better.

  1. Equipment/Software Documentation

When the quick reference materials can’t help a merchant do what they need to, they should have a more detailed resource to use.  These more in-depth documents are typically a merchant’s last resort before they reach out to your merchant support team, so make sure they provide as much information as possible and provide contact information.

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