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The best way for companies to succeed over time in this rapidly changing landscape is to be paying constant attention to what other players are doing. However, keeping in-step with what’s happening in the continuously evolving payments industry is not easy at all.  While payments solutions providers are hard at work finding the next best solution for merchants, so is the competition.  Luckily, there are publications all over the internet that make it easy for payments industry professionals to read up on the biggest trends, upcoming developments, regulation changes, and more.  Here are some of our favorites:


  • – If you’re looking for a very wide range of content, from news of Amazon’s new facility plans to advise on using big data, Pymnts is the place. Pymnts does a great job of featuring big themes across the industry while allowing readers to sort by what they’re specifically interested in.
  • Mobile Payments Today (The Blog) – The Mobile Payments Today website includes a listing of payments suppliers, resources, webinars, and more, but the blog is where a wide audience of payments professionals focus their attention. Our world is becoming more and more mobile, so a blog that centralizes their content around the topic is necessary for staying up to date.
  • (formerly “Let’s Talk Payments”) – Let’s Talk Payments recently became Medici. Much like other blogs, Medici features all the latest news and industry trends in their content.  What sets their content apart from many others is the effort they make to discuss the way fintech is changing the world on the consumer level.  If you want to keep up with what opportunities exists, Medici is a great place to gain insight.
  • – Payment Week is easy to browse and easy to search. This site is not only a great place for standard informative blog content, but also a valuable resource for industry voices, white papers, and reports.  The site even features a section for select payments companies to be reviewed and found by others, a great way to find out what businesses are doing and how well they’re doing it.
  • – Payments Source is another great all-encompassing payments industry content hub. Although a subscription is required to browse and read all their content, the low monthly cost is well worth the amount of information you could gain to help you build your business.  Plus, their regular newsletter that can be specified to your preferences is a great way to maximize your time and digest the biggest headlines quickly.

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