Employee Spotlight: Lori London

This month the spotlight is on myself, Lori London, CDE’s Marketing Coordinator.  When I came on board as a Digital Marketing Associate in 2015, CDE was amidst a transformation.  The payments industry had changed a great deal in the 25 years since CDE’s beginning and what the business needed from a branding and marketing standpoint did too.  When the opportunity presented itself, I made the move from Cincinnati to Marietta, Georgia to join the CDE team.

On my first day in the CDE office, and first full day of living in Georgia, I started on the redesign of the CDE website and sought out a graphic designer to help with a complete rebrand of the company. The opportunity to not only learn where CDE started and where it was going but also make sure that branding reflected CDE’s position as a leader in the industry was exciting.  Having the chance to reintroduce CDE to the payments industry and show the evolution of the company was an opportunity I will always be grateful to have had.

In the two and a half years since I came to work at CDE, the industry has continued to change and so has the way we help our partners.  Although the payment industry is very different from the pet food industry where I started, I have enjoyed learning the ins and outs of the critical technology that keeps money flowing through the world.  My favorite part of my role at CDE has been strategically creating and distributing content that focuses on some of the most valuable and interesting topics throughout the industry.  I’ve had the opportunity to boost CDE’s online presence and reputation while publicizing our milestones and helping drive new relationships.

I am originally from Ohio and began my marketing career as a Social Media Marketer with a pet food start up in Cincinnati after my graduation from college in 2014.  My background with a start up sparked my passion for helping to build small businesses, which made CDE a perfect next step.  I currently live in Marietta and spend most of my free time exploring the Atlanta area, watching documentaries, and spending time with my dog and cat.