Employee Spotlight: Regina Nelson

Regina Nelson started working at CDE as a Technician on the night shift in October 2003.  Before she started at CDE, Regina had over 12 years of experience in the payments industry.   After a few months at CDE, Regina became a part of the regular daytime team.  Since then, Regina has been an asset to CDE in a number of ways.  From encryption to deployment activities, Regina has always been willing to jump in wherever she’s needed to help, but says that Technician work is what she really enjoys.

Although Regina was previously certified as an Internal Auditor and spent time at her previous company auditing ISO procedures and compliance, she says that technician work has always been her favorite.  As a part of the CDE Technician team, Regina works on our lean line testing machines, opening them up, and repairing them.  She says it has been interesting to get to work on so much different equipment over the years.

Regina says that other than the people, the best part of working at CDE has been the opportunity and growth of the company.  Regina has enjoyed the changes over the years, especially the recent facility renovations and the company gym.

When she is not at CDE, Regina enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and three (soon to be four) granddaughters.  She says that gardening and antiquing are two hobbies she enjoys the most.

Since her early days of operating the repair line conveyor belt, Regina has been instrumental in the work that CDE does for our partners, and we’re glad that she is still helping today.

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