Employee Spotlight: Terrell Jackson

Terrell Jackson, who we call T.J., started working at CDE in September 2016.  After working at another POS solution company for some time, he heard about the opportunity at CDE and decided to make a move.  T.J. says that he was very interested in CDE because of the opportunity for growth and development.  Now, T.J. is a Deployment Technician who also plays a Production Coordinator role.  Since he started at CDE he has played a key role in the success of our deployment line in not only meeting goals, but breaking them.

T.J. is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to the Atlanta area to attend college and seek more opportunities.  Shortly after earning his Associates degree, he found work at a growing company in the payments industry.  He says that when he started working in the payments industry he was really interested in the technology side of the business and enjoyed learning how credit card processing really works.

While at his previous company T.J. spent some time as a client specialist, helping merchants find the right solutions and ensuring that they were happy with their services.  Although he enjoyed this role, he decided that he’d prefer to be more behind the scenes making sure that merchants receive the right equipment in an efficient way.

Now, T.J. not only helps to pack orders and make sure they get out the door properly and on time; he also makes sure the team has the equipment and supplies they need to meet daily goals.  T.J. says one of his favorite parts of working at CDE is the fact that everyone at the company is treated fairly and are open to doing whatever they must to help the company succeed and grow.

T.J. shared that he has always had a passion and fascination with films and plans to go to film school to pursue his dream of working as a director, screenwriter, and producer.  When not at CDE, he even sometimes appears as an extra or cameo in movies. T.J. also says that he loves to give back, another reason that he was drawn to CDE.

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