Employee Spotlight: Lynn Hughes

Lynn Hughes has the title of Receiving Technician but wears quite a few hats, like most CDE employees.  Although Lynn’s official start date at CDE was in October of 2014, Lynn had been a part of the CDE family for quite some time.  Her husband, Billy, was CDE’s IT and Quality Control Manager and played a key role in making CDE the company it is today.  Billy was a part of the team that built CDE’s internal networks and programmed the systems that still allow the company to provide partners with the solutions they need today.

When Lynn decided to start working in 2014, she said applying for CDE just made sense.  She was already familiar with the business and knew some of the people at the company, including Joe Barna.  Lynn says that even though the transition from being a stay at home mom for over 20 years to working 8 hours a day was difficult at first, the environment at CDE made it easy to come to work every day.

When Lynn first started, she was working as a Deployment Technician and helping to ensure daily orders were fulfilled.  Recently, she made the transition to Receiving where she spends much of her time accepting equipment that has been returned, new equipment inventory, and other incoming CDE deliveries.  Lynn is responsible for making sure that equipment that comes in are either put into the process to be evaluated and repaired or placed in the proper place in CDE’s warehouse.  Lynn also helps with the encryption of payment terminals that are being prepared for deployment and says she’s enjoying being able to do more than just one thing every day.

Lynn says she most enjoys the people at CDE and is very appreciative of all the support she’s received from the team over time.  Lynn shared that she loves coming to work every day and is very grateful to have a job where she feels valued.

When she isn’t at CDE, Lynn enjoys spending time with her children and now three grandchildren.  Lynn also enjoys gardening and doing other yard work.  It’s also important that I mention that Lynn loves to play her favorite games and has reached level 2,487 in Candy Crush.

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