Employee Spotlight: Trina Griffin

Trina Griffin has been working at CDE since 2002, which means this year is a major milestone for her.  Even after 15 years, she comes into CDE bubbly and ready work every single day.  Throughout her time at CDE, Trina has watched the company change and grow in many ways, and has embraced it all.  Today, she works on the production line doing mostly desoldering and resoldering.  Trina also occasionally takes on other responsibilities such as device testing, battery removal and replacement, device assembly, and more.

Trina says that while she has been a CDE employee, she has enjoyed the opportunity to learn new things.  Over time, she says, there has never been a dull moment at CDE. Trina explained that she’s always been excited for the company to continue growing and evolving and has even welcomed changes that seem to happen overnight.  Even when the implementation of lean operations resulted in huge changes for the team, Trina says that she remained optimistic and believes the transition has worked out well.

Trina shared that her favorite part about working at CDE has always been the people she works with and the company culture. She explained that she enjoys interacting with everyone from the production line, deployment, and the front office.  Trina also says that the CDE gym has been a great way for her to stay active and have a good time with other employees during workout sessions and fitness challenges.

When Trina isn’t at CDE, she enjoys spending time caring for her family.  Trina and her husband of 20 years, invest much of their time supporting their two sons.  Because both of her kids are basketball players, Trina says she and her husband spend a great deal of time traveling back and forth to practice, games, and tournaments.  She says she has greatly appreciated all that she has been able to do at CDE and is excited by all the growth that has already happened and is also soon to come.

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