Employee Spotlight: Thien Nguyen

This week the spotlight is on another one of our more tenured employees, Thien Nguyen.  Since 1994, Thien has been a member of our repair team.  Throughout his 22 years at CDE, Thien has remained an important part of the repair and remanufacturing team due to his dedication and willingness to help however he is needed.  He started at the company doing printer repair, desoldering, and resoldering, after moving to Georgia from California.  His former education in electronics made him a great fit for the CDE team from the start and Thien says he’s enjoyed being a CDE employee ever since.

Thien is originally from Vietnam and relocated with his family to the United States in 1991.  Having previously studied economy in college in Vietnam, Thien at first found the transition to studying electronics at Golden West College in California difficult.  Eventually, Thien relocated to Georgia to be with his girlfriend, who's now his wife of 20 years.  Thien says when he first moved to the Atlanta area, CDE was the first job he found and he knew early on that he would stay at the company as long as he could.  Now, he spends his days troubleshooting and repairing returned equipment that have failed functionality tests.  Thien says that even the toughest equipment fixes take him at most 25 minutes to repair or remanufacture once he's discovered the problem.

Thien says his favorite part of CDE is the opportunity.  He shared that he’s very grateful for the opportunity he’s been given over the past 22 years to grow in his career and provide a great life for his family.  Thien says that he thinks of CDE as his “life” since he has been at the company since it was the first and only job he had in Georgia and he feels that he’s had the chance to continue growing with the business.

When he isn’t at CDE or doing handy work around the house, he enjoys spending time with his family, especially his 14-year-old son.  Thien says that after 22 years, he still enjoys coming to work every day and is glad that he moved to Georgia because CDE has made such a difference in his life and the life of his family.

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