Employee Spotlight: Kim Ross

Kim Ross started working at CDE in January of 1999.  When she first came to the company, she joined the team as a customer service representative.  Kim explained that when she first became a CDE employee, Joe Barna required that she spend three weeks learning the ins and outs of the business.  This early training would set the tone for her next 17 years at CDE, during which Kim has always been willing to help where she’s needed.

When Kim first started, CDE was in the early stages of growth and processes were still being developed to help the company meet the increasing demands and accommodate volume.  Kim says she can still remember the days when inventory management was still very manual and simply processing a terminal order required a few steps and some investigation.  Still, she says, she enjoyed the hard work and loved being a part of the company’s continued success.

Since her start at CDE, Kim spent some time working in sales and eventually made a shift into her current role as Production Coordinator.  Kim explained that although making role changes has had its challenges, she’s happy to help however she can.  As Production Coordinator, Kim helps make sure that as many devices are repaired and deployed as possible.  She ensures that the production line is supplied with devices to repair and prepare for deployment so that daily orders can be fulfilled.  Kim shared that she enjoys seeing the production and deployment teams meet their volume goals and break records because she knows her work is making a difference.

Kim says her favorite part of working at CDE has always been the people.  She says that she’s happy at CDE and is excited to continue being a part of the growth and changes that are happening at the company.

When Kim isn’t out on the CDE production floor, you can usually find her in the gym, training or doing cardio.  Since last year, Kim has dedicated herself to getting fit and staying healthy.  The winner of almost every fitness challenge we’ve had, Kim’s determination is unmatched.  If she’s not at CDE or working out, Kim enjoys spending time with her family.  She says she enjoys caring for her father and hanging out with her niece and nephew.

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