Employee Spotlight: Doug Price

Originally from Warren, Ohio, Doug Price started working at CDE on January 5, 2015 as a shipping, receiving, and inventory temp.  Doug had relocated to Georgia to train and work as a lumberjack and truck driver.  After realizing that maneuvering a large vehicle through Atlanta’s traffic wasn’t something he enjoyed, Doug decided to continue working in the shipping and receiving field.  Having previously spent 10 years receiving in lumber and hardware and shipping large cabinetry set ups, including whole kitchens, Doug was certainly no stranger to the field or hard work, both of which made him an asset at CDE.   After a short time, Doug was hired in full time to continue working in shipping and receiving.

As business has continued growing, so has the amount of equipment coming and going through CDE doors.  Doug not only receives in new and returned equipment, he also ensures that the equipment is properly inventoried and documented for accounting purposes.  Now, with P2PE, Doug has had to learn a completely new process for receiving in inventory, properly handling serialized devices, and documenting the entire process.

Another important part of Doug’s role is to make sure that the production line is equipped with everything they need to repair and remanufacture equipment each day.  As part of the lean operations model, Doug’s job allows the team to focus on their productivity without having to leave their stations to find equipment, parts, and pieces.

Increasing order volumes and evolving technology has kept Doug’s job interesting, something he says he’s glad about.  Between his regular every day duties and the countless other projects he works on (reorganizing the warehouse, painting, moving furniture, etc.), Doug says he probably walks about 6 or 7 miles per day.  Doug shared that he enjoys work that allows him to stay active and he’s glad his position keeps him going all day.

When Doug isn’t working at CDE, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two-year-old Bulldog mix, Blitz.  Doug is also a sports fan that enjoys playing basketball, softball, and football on the weekends with friends.  He regularly visits both the CDE gym and a public gym to do weight lifting and cardio.  Doug says that he enjoys working at CDE and hopes to continue advancing his career as the company continues growing and evolving.

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