Employee Spotlight: Randall Hartwig

Growing up, Randall Hartwig always enjoyed taking apart and reassembling various electronics and discarded mechanical parts.  After moving to the states from Germany at the age of 10, Randall spent most of his childhood dreaming of becoming a doctor.    After working as a helicopter mechanic in the Army, Randall decided to continue pursuing a technical career.  Randall quickly earned his certification as a technician and continued working through the 80s at electronics companies in the Atlanta area.

When he came to CDE in 1998, Randall jumped right into repairing the early POS devices and printers. His experience and natural ability made him a natural fit.  He is now a lead technician.  In almost two decades, Randall has become so familiar with the various payment devices in the field that his now able to help determine what processes the CDE team should use when testing, troubleshooting and repairing.  His capabilities have been instrumental in maximizing time and streamlining the repair process.  According to Randall, each CDE tech could repair a maximum of 50 units in a good day.

Randall said that over the years, the equipment changes have allowed him to continue learning and challenging himself.  As a self-proclaimed lifelong “tinkerer”, Randall has enjoyed all the years he has spent at CDE.  He says that his favorite part of working at CDE is knowing that he can make a difference.  Randall shared that he enjoys knowing that his work is valuable and even on the stressful days, he’s happy to contribute to CDE’s success.

When Randall isn’t at CDE, he enjoys fixing even more electronics.  If you need a TV or computer fixed, Randall is your guy.  He also works with his hands in other ways like wood and metal working in his very own shop.  The CDE team is grateful to have Randall, who not only does his job to the best of his ability, but is also always willing to help fix something around the building when needed.

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