Employee Spotlight: Mydung Tran

Since she was a young girl in South Vietnam, Mydung Tran (who we just call Tran) has always been a natural in mathematics.  Because her opportunities were limited early on, Tran pursued an education and career that was more common and accepted.  After studying Agriculture and Economics in a local college, Tran became a manager of a grocery store in Vietnam until her family relocated to the United States in 1994.  After studying electronic technology at a Georgia technical college, she pursued a technical career that she knew she would enjoy and be successful in.

In July of 2002, Tran began working on the repair line at CDE.  When she first started working at CDE, Tran worked in soldering and desoldering. In 2008, when a position opened for an Electronic Technician, Tran approached her manager to apply.  With an Associate Degree in Electronics Technology and a certificate in Computer Networks,  the new role was perfect for Tran and she was excited for the change.  Now, Tran works mainly on the first line for repair and primarily does troubleshooting and quick minor fixes before she passes the devices to other techs to do any further repairs.

While the constantly evolving technology and growing demands of the POS industry can be somewhat stressful, Tran never seems fazed and maintains a pleasant disposition.  Tran says that every day she comes to CDE excited for the day’s work and the opportunity to make a difference.

Tran shared her love for the United States and the opportunities that exist for both men and women.  She says she is thankful to live in a country that allows people the freedom to study what they enjoy, make a living, and share their ideas when they have them.  This is also one of the reasons she loves working at CDE.  Tran explained that she appreciates the many opportunities to continue learning and doing new things in a supportive environment.  She also says that the friendly employees and good managers make being a part of the team that much better.

When she isn’t at CDE, Tran enjoys spending time with her family that includes five nephews and three nieces.  She says she is excited about the freedom and opportunity the youngest members of her family have and enjoys helping them with their school work as they pursue their dreams.


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