Employee Spotlight: Joseph Barna

Joseph M. Barna has been working at CDE since 1991, when he started doing desoldering and resoldering on the line.  While Joseph was finishing college at night, he spent his days working at CDE and learning the ins and outs of the payment processing device business.  Since then, Joseph has worked in nearly every part of the company, excluding accounting and the technician line.  Today, he is our Chief Technology Officer, and still a very integral part of all CDE’s strategic efforts and partnerships.

Joseph says that of everything he has done at CDE, his favorite role has been in sales.  12 years ago, after earning his business degree from Kennesaw State University, Joseph starting playing a key role in the development and cultivation of key partnerships that would be critical in the growth and success of CDE for years to come.  He says during this time, he enjoyed constantly challenging himself and knowing what the direct results of his hard work and determination would be.  Joseph stated that he has genuinely enjoyed the excitement and rapid changes during his time working in the payments industry and he’s excited for what is yet to come.

As the payment industry has continued evolving over the years, CDE has evolved with it.  Joseph says that he has always been invested in ensuring CDE continues finding the best ways to add value in the solutions we’re able to offer our partners.  Although he is more focused on big picture strategy and planning today, he still spends time maintaining and strengthening the relationships he has built during his time in the business and as a salesman.

While most people have a hard time working with or for family, Joseph says that he wouldn’t have had it any other way.  He stated that not only is he proud of the personal and professional growth he has made over the years, he is glad that he has been able to do so under the direction of his father, Joe.  Joseph said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better person to learn from in business, he has been through it all.”

When Joseph isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his 9 and 11 year old daughters.  Joseph says that he is happy to be able to travel less these days and spends his free time working out frequently and playing in a soccer league.  Of course, Joseph plans to always work for CDE and maybe even take over the family business some day.

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