Employee Spotlight: Jody Drake

Jody Drake is the Technical Support Team Lead at CDE.  Since starting at CDE in February 2011, Jody has continued to expand his knowledge in payment processing equipment and software.  Now, he is playing an integral role in making sure that our call center teams are ready to provide the best technical support for an array of POS equipment to merchants across the country.

Originally, Jody started at CDE in sales, focused on re-engaging and building relationships with existing customers.  During his time in sales, Jody put in extra effort to learn as much as he could about the products he was selling to partners.  As CDE continued growing and evolving, the need for technical support personnel became greater.  Jody says that when asked to transition into a call center support role, he was glad to try something new.  With a working knowledge of payment processing terminals and great customer service skills, Jody excelled in the technical support field.

Jody explained that studying the equipment we support has always been an important part of his job and with all the changes to technology, he has enjoyed being able to continue learning.  He shared that his favorite part of his job is problem solving and the satisfaction he feels when he can help a merchant solve their technical issue, no matter how long it may take.

Most recently, Jody has even taken on a leadership role in the call center.  He now plays a key part in creating the framework for our 24 hours call center organization and the processes for call center agents to follow when providing onboarding and technical support to merchants.  Jody says that he’s excited for the future of CDE and welcomes any opportunity to learn more about new and innovative POS equipment and programs.

Jody’s claim to fame prior to CDE was managing and deejaying at the Atlanta Club MJQ Concourse from 1996-2003.  Jody says he enjoys drawing, playing with his 3-year-old son, playing kickball, and spending time with his family in his spare time.  Somehow, Jody even found time to become a certified HVAC technician in the last few years.

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