Employee Spotlight: Janet Putnam

Without the right technology and processes, CDE would be unable to provide the tailor-made solutions that help our partners thrive.  The technology we rely not only has to be nimble and efficient, it has to be secure.  This means our IT department has a lot to consider when developing and implementing the systems that are used by CDE and our partners. Janet Putnam is a Senior Web Developer at CDE and plays a critical role in creating and maintaining these systems.

Nearly every aspect of the work that CDE does depends on the work that Janet does.  From operations and inventory to accounting and billing, Janet works hard every day to help ensure CDE has just the right technology to guarantee our own success and the success of our partners.  She explained that in the one year that she has been working at CDE, she has spent most of her time enhancing the groundwork for a fully integrated web based system that will allow CDE and our partners to have ideal visibility into inventory, order status, and more.  Janet says that she is focused on creating solutions that leverage the wants and needs of our partners and are flexible enough to continue evolving with the business well into the future.

Janet, a web developer with 8 years of experience, says that her favorite part about working at CDE is the opportunity to be creative.  She enjoys using her problem-solving skills to build systems that will further strengthen the relationships CDE has with their partners.  Janet also says that CDE has given her the opportunity to learn and try new things while she’s building systems that are designed “not just to make what we do now easier, but to make what we want to do possible.”  Her long-term goals for her role at CDE even stretch into developing an easy-to-use online internal HR system.

When Janet isn’t at the CDE office, she enjoys spending time with her 3 Australian Shepherds.  Her dogs are trained in herding cattle, sheep, and ducks and are active in the stock dog competition circuit.  Janet says that while a friend with the right property for dog training originally brought her Georgia, it was the friendly people that convinced her to make the move from Wisconsin.  The CDE team is certainly glad she decided to make the move and is now an asset to our business.

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