Employee Spotlight: Yolanda Uthman

CDE is not a company where people have a very specific job description and title, and do the same exact set of tasks every single day.  Working in a business that is always evolving can get stressful and sometimes we just have to roll up your sleeves, jump in, and help get things done, even when it’s not particularly in our wheel house.  The employees that embrace this culture of continuous development thrive at CDE. Yolanda Uthman is one employee that came to CDE specifically to continue growing.

When Yolanda moved to Georgia from Maryland, she found a job at another POS deployment company.  In her two years at her previous job, she worked primarily on equipment troubleshooting and played a role in training others in similar equipment activities.  With a background in managing and supporting other electronic devices, Yolanda was a natural fit in transactional device programming and deployment.

As CDE has continued to take on more new business, we’ve had a growing need for great talent on the team to help reach our goals.  When Yolanda was recruited for our deployment team, she was excited by the opportunity.  Since she was hired in September 2016, Yolanda has been an integral part in the continuous success of our operations department.  She says she has most enjoyed the opportunity to many different things and will always be open to learning new things and doing what she can to grow within the company.

Yolanda likes to stay busy and even while I was interviewing her, she managed to juggle two different activities.  On this day, our deployment manager was out and Yolanda was happy to be taking on his duties while still handling her normal work.  This is the attitude that makes Yolanda such a pleasure to work with.  She’s taken on the responsibility of helping to ensure CDE’s P2PE v2 validation and is still willing to assist wherever she can.

Originally from San Jose, California, Yolanda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Design and Visualization from Silicon Valley College.  After helping to start a family business in Harford, Maryland, she came to Georgia for a change.  When Yolanda isn’t at CDE she spends a lot of her time taking her children and her nieces and nephews to their sporting events and practices.  Besides spending time with family, Yolanda enjoys watching and playing basketball.  She has even correctly predicted the March Madness winner 4 years in a row, and is looking forward to being right again.

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