Employee Spotlight: Cindy Stewart

The payments industry is a tough business, especially when you’re working in sales.  It takes a special kind of professional with a great attitude and just the right amount of persistence to maintain a lasting successful career in the merchant services business.  Our Call Center Director, Cindy Stewart is one of these special professionals.

Cindy began her career over 20 years ago, as a General Manager and Client Relations Executive for ADP SoftPay Services where she managed the support center for the launch of the new internet payroll product.  During her time at ADP, Cindy succeeded in a wide range of responsibilities, including banking operations and even software distribution.  After almost 9 years as a director of call centers and retail support services, Cindy became the President and Co-Founder of Pinnaclepay Merchant Services.  For over five years, Cindy not only provided the electronic payment solutions that local Atlanta businesses needed, but also made sure owners were properly educated on the ins-and-outs of payment processing fees and services.

After she worked as the Director of Sales at a couple other organizations, CDE was lucky enough to add Cindy to our team.  Besides having the years of experience and education needed to lead our call center and support teams, Cindy brought with her an unmatched energy.  Her ability to juggle so many responsibilities and always give the same level of diligence day after day has played a huge part in the evolution of our call center and the success of all the new efforts the company has made.

In the little time that Cindy isn’t in the CDE building, she enjoys shopping for hidden treasures like vintage clothing, accessories, and antiques.  Personally, I find her purchases to be quite fabulous and if you’re looking for a unique jacket or necklace, Cindy is a great resource.  What’s even more impressive is that Cindy somehow still has the energy and time to spend decorating, gardening, and hiking.

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