Employee Spotlight: Chrissy Ouellete

Being able to “accidentally” find a career in an industry that you love is not a luxury that many people have.  Our Business Development Manager, Chrissy Ouellette, is one of those lucky people who just ended up in a field that she’s not only good at, but genuinely enjoys.  After 11 years in the payments industry, she started working at CDE in 2016 and has played a significant role in the company’s growth and expanded partnerships since then.

As CDE’s only remote employee, Chrissy spends most of her time in South Carolina, where she lives.  Most of her job consists of meeting and talking with current and potential partners to determine their current challenges, understand their goals, and develop strategic solutions to help these companies strengthen their brand and make more money.  Chrissy explained that what she’s doing now is perfectly aligned with her passion for sales and her years of experiences in a variety of payment industry roles.

When Chrissy came to work at CDE, she was excited about the opportunity to be a part of all the evolution and growth that Randy Siebold was working toward. Having worked with Randy before, Chrissy knew that together, they could be a successful team.  So far, they are surely making great things happen.

From the time she answered an ad in her local newspaper and started her career in merchant services sales to now, Chrissy has enjoyed watching the payment industry evolve over the years.  She says she is most excited to see merchants move to tablet based POS and software integrated payments.  Chrissy also explained that although the changes in the industry excite her, “keeping up with the change is a double-edged sword”.  Luckily, Chrissy is just as enthusiastic about seeing technological advancements as she is about helping businesses bring the latest and greatest to their merchants.

When Chrissy isn’t closing deals with partners, she’s being a wife and mom of four.  She likes to spend her free time focusing on fitness and nutrition, and even competes in regional Crossfit competitions.

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