Employee Spotlight: Brandon Box

As CDE has continued growing and implementing lean processes, the operations lines have had to adjust a great deal.  The company has made several structural changes to accommodate increased volume and new technology, including bringing in additional hands to help everything continue to move smoothly.  One of our newest team additions is Brandon Box, our Deployment Manager.  Although Brandon is new to CDE, he’s no stranger to the payments industry or deployment.

After studying economics and working in the restaurant industry, Brandon found a position in POS equipment deployment.  At the time, Brandon was new to the payments industry and like most of us, didn’t even realize how large it was.  He quickly caught on and became very invested in the job he was doing.  After managing for some time at his previous company, he was ready to keep growing in his career.  When Brandon found CDE, he was quickly sold on the opportunity to keep doing what he enjoys and to become a leader at a company that is in the position to grow

Brandon explained that the ability to be hands-on and seeing his work making a significant impact on the success of the company is what excites him at work.  Having come from a company that was deploying about 7500 packages per day, Brandon is no stranger to pressure and hard work.  He welcomes the change and Plus, Brandon doesn’t fit the “manager” mold, he loves being able to “lead from the front” and be right on the line with his team, making things happen.

With the growth of custom menu builds, more customized packaging, P2PE, new devices, and more I couldn’t help but think that the increase in volume would be a little scary for Brandon and his deployment team.  However, he says that the prospective growth in volume and change in products is more exciting to him than it is stressful, and he’s anticipating the new business CDE is working towards.  Brandon’s confidence in the abilities of himself and his team says a lot about his dedication to the overall success of CDE.

When Brandon isn’t in the CDE building, he enjoys spending time with his family, girlfriend, and eight-year-old Yorkie Holly.  As the son of two retired Navy veterans, Brandon spent a lot of his early life moving around the country and is happy to stay in or near Georgia, close to his family, for years to come.  He’s happy he made the decision to come to CDE and is “excited to be a part of the success story of CDE”.  We’re happy to have him!

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