Employee Spotlight: Norman Reyes

Here’s a fun fact about the tenure of the employees at CDE: Of the current 70 employees at the company, 24 have been here for longer than 10 years, 41 have been at the company for less than 2 years, and everyone else falls somewhere in between.  This means that CDE is made up of employees who have either been hard at work making this company what it is today for quite some time or have just recently come aboard to keep pushing the business forward toward even greater success.  No matter which group our employees fall into, there’s no doubt that the ones who are dedicated truly stand out.

Norman Reyes is a part of the group that has been here over 10 years and undoubtedly one of the employees that stand out.  He’s been a CDE employee since November of 2001, and since then, has contributed to the company’s growth in many ways.

After 24 years in the Army and retiring as Sergeant Major, Norman joined CDE as a Purchasing and Inventory professional.  After a short time, Norm became the Operations Manager, then the Director of Deployment and Operations.  Over the years, CDE continued evolving as a solutions provider to many different partners and Norm’s role seemed to continue evolving at the same rate.  Now, he’s the operations manager, able to focus on fine tuning the way that work is done on the production line.

Norm enjoys sharing his stories of his early days in the CDE warehouse.  He still remembers the days when incoming shipments were received through a small window and devices traveled around on conveyor belts until they were stored or shipped back out again.  Back then, all the divisions in the repair and deployment process were divided into small teams throughout areas of the facility.  Now, CDE’s deployment and repair lines are optimized for lean operations, with everyone near each other.

Norm explained the benefits of lean and how it’s positioned CDE to be ready as technology and volume continue changing.  He’s excited for growth and enjoys playing a role in helping his team adjust to all new efforts.  When asked what his favorite part of his job at CDE was, Norman sincerely answered, “The people.” Plain and simple.  So it’s no wonder you can always still find him out on the production floor every day, working hands-on with everyone else, as opposed to sitting behind a desk or in and out of long meetings.

As CDE’s solutions have evolved over the years, there’s been a continuous need for people with a “get it done” mentality, and Norm is definitely one of those people.  He’s always willing to pitch in and help where he’s needed, even on the grill for company barbecues!  When he isn’t at CDE, Norm enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his family, including his 6 grandchildren.  Although he mentioned that Germany was one of his favorite places to visit, we probably don’t have to worry about him going too far because Georgia is still his favorite place to live.

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