Employee Spotlight: Haley Meaders

Sometimes, as businesses grow and evolve, employees find themselves in new roles and doing completely new activities every day.  At CDE, this has happened to several of us.  While transitions can be difficult, the people at CDE have seemed to embrace the waves of change brought about by new business, new technology, and growth.  Haley Meaders is one of the CDE employees who has welcomed change and continued to succeed.

When Haley started working at CDE in March 2015, she was CDE’s Receptionist and handled most of the office management activities, as well as a variety of projects for the executive team.  During her time as Receptionist, Haley excelled by being able to carry out her daily responsibilities and still take on side projects to help in areas where manpower was short.  As the company continued evolving and organizational changes were made, Haley took on an additional role in Accounts Payable.

Haley’s ability to wear many hats and her willingness to learn something new really stood out and soon she was asked to lead in Call Center efforts.  Haley explained that the transition, like most, had its challenges. But those challenges, she said, allowed her and the team she was managing to build trust and come out even stronger as a department.  Since taking on the management of the support teams, she has worked hard to boost morale and improve processes.

Now, Haley’s role has expanded once again to include Account Activation functions.  Although she’s still in a learning stage, Haley says the new activities are fun and that she’s excited about what’s to come.

In all her roles, Haley has spent a great deal of time diligently working in the office.  When asked how she feels about being so busy all the time, she happily explained, “Even a bad day at CDE, is far better than a lot of the good days some people have at other companies.”

When she’s not working hard at CDE, Haley enjoys hanging out with her kids and baking. She and her husband Robert hope to one day own a restaurant where they could serve “family style” meals with daily themes.  Until then, Haley says, she’s just fine with spending her days at CDE.

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