Employee Spotlight: Sheryl Green

In Sheryl Green’s relatively short time at CDE, one year and 4 months to be precise, she’s been anything but stagnant. She has been promoted twice and has had three positions within the company. She told me through a laugh that “I’m excited to have this current role as Partner Relations Manager because it’s brand new. Just created! I’ll get to develop this role and stay in it a longer time.” She began as a Sales Representative and then was promoted into the role of Call Center Manager after a short time. Finally resting as CDE’s first Partner Relations Manager she feels like she’s met her perfect match. And CDE’s internal function and relationships with customers are all the better for it.

Initially as a Sales Representative for CDE Sheryl dealt with calls, questions, emails, from CDE’s customers on a day to day basis and worked as part of a large team. She stood out with fast response times, fast close times because of her outstanding service, and a great attitude that set an example for everyone.  As Call Center Manager she oversaw a team and acted as a liaison between customers, internal Sales Representatives, and upper management. She noted that she “really liked making things happen between the groups. Making things run more smoothly there.”

As CDE has grown, it’s required a more concerted, specific effort to stay in personal touch with individual customers to better meet their needs.  When looking at who would best spearhead that effort, Sheryl’s blend of get-it-done attitude, positive disposition, and skill with bridging the gap between different stakeholders, was just the combo they needed.

Sheryl takes the opportunity to get to know CDE’s clients individual preferences, typical needs, and requests so she can prepare the operations team to meet those needs. It’s more than just “keeping up with inventory for each client, getting machines in and out, and keeping customers happy, although that’s a large part of it. It’s really a lot of staying on top of what everyone needs inside and out. If operations doesn’t have the info they need, they can’t do their job. If the client doesn’t know our inventory, they can’t have a proper expectation from us.” And Sheryl makes sure people have what they need.

Her multi-tasking skill doesn’t stop when she walks out the door, “Driving to football practice and cheerleading practice and every other practice” is just another ball she happily juggles. But as Partner Relations Manager, she’s in a position she can juggle and develop. And it seems that it’s good for CDE’s customers, CDE’s employees and even Sheryl’s family. CDE clearly cares that people find their best fit in the company so they can feel their best and be their best.

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