Employee Spotlight: Yuri Abalmazov

In sitting down with Yuri Abalmazov the first thing you notice is the massive amount of equipment on his desk. Disassembled point of sale equipment, computers, point of sale motherboards, power cords, monitors, standing lit magnifying glass, and let’s face it – a lot of parts I could never identify. But not only can Yuri identify it all, he has been at CDE successfully disassembling, fixing, and reassembling point of sale equipment for 22 years.

He received his technical education back in Russia but in his 22 years at CDE he has certainly found a home. He is currently CDE’s Senior Technician. He has moved to the top of the technical sector and is happy there. When I asked what he’d like to do next he simply said, “Still this.” But even with his desire to simply continue fixing things, CDE has helped him grow.  As technology continues to evolve and the industry continues to use the latest point of sale devices, like multi-purpose tablets and more, Yuri's skill set evolves too.  With employees like Yuri, CDE can continue to provide the repair and equipment maintenance services that our partners rely on.

With all the very foreign looking equipment I had to ask where one learns such a technical skill. He described his education at college in Russia: “Here you maybe do 30 hours a week. You miss a class, you go next time – that’s OK. Not in Russia. Russia, we miss a class, we may not go again. That’s it. Here you do 30 hours class a week. Russia we do 30 hours a day,” he told me – again with a chuckle.

Yuri candidly told me about his experience battling cancer 3 years ago and how he continue pushing on to do what he loves. Now CDE has included a full gym and access to a personal trainer which Yuri is now using two times a week. “It helps. I’m much better. I was slow for a bit, but now - fast,” he told me with a chuckle.

From all his confidence in his craft, which was clear to me, I had to know, “Is there anything you can’t fix?” He just sat to think a moment and said, “….No. I fix this,” motioning to a motherboard on his desk, “and I could come fix your TV, your radio... No problem. I fix it.” This confidence is clearly founded, which Yuri’s successful 22 year long record at CDE shows.

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